About Me

Your words, your story. Do the words convey the message you want the world to see?

As a writer, you put your heart into your story, no matter what form that story takes, because writing is your purpose.

As a publisher, you want to help your writers put out the best work possible and ensure that you have a clean, well-polished product to present to your readers.

As an editor, my purpose is to smooth out the rough edges of your story, make it flow, and help you capture your audience with the beauty and strength of your message. I listen to who you are, whether you are an author writing your first novel or a nonprofit writing to donors to obtain much-needed funds. My job is to get to know your heart so I can help you fulfill your purpose.

What do I bring to the table?

  • Years of experience – As a project editor at John Wiley & Sons for over thirteen years, I developed my skills in proofreading, copyediting, developmental editing, and project management, including managing multiple book projects, technical reviews, copyeditor reviews, and author reviews while under tight deadlines. I also freelanced during that time, working with Facts on File, Hachette Book Group, and various authors on their personal projects.

  • Skills with editing tools – I am adept at editing text in MS Word and PDFs in Adobe Acrobat. The Chicago Manual of Style and Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary are my constant companions, and I am able to adapt to any house style.

  • Adaptability – I work primarily with nonfiction, but I can work with most genres. I have extensive experience working with technology and computer programming books because of my work at Wiley, but the genres of my other projects have run the gamut from religion and philosophy to romances and cookbooks.

When you are ready to add the polish that I can bring to your work as a caring and experienced editor, contact me.