Adaobi is a thorough, thoughtful, and careful proofreader who can just as easily take your project and run with it or remain in close communication over editorial concerns as she works—whichever the project warrants or you prefer—and she has saved me more than once by catching things on a messy project where others have dropped the ball. I love her competence and flexibility and consider her one of my most reliable freelancers.

—Tareth Mitch, Production Editor, Hachette Book Group

Adaobi is an amazing editor because of the detailed work she performs and the questions she asks. I’ve worked with her in a number of capacities, both as an author and as a technical editor and have always found her conscientious in her work. When she asks a question, it’s a well-informed question and not just a means to hear herself speak. When I provide feedback, I know that she’ll use the details I provide to make my book better. Adaobi doesn’t change my voice or create technical problems for me. She is also able to work on a wide range of books—I’ve worked with her on a variety of technical topics, most of which have to do with computer science, and one of my latest endeavors, a children’s cookbook. Added to all this, Adaobi knows how to adhere to a schedule and always keeps me informed about any issues regarding my books. She has been a delight to work with in all cases and in all genres.

—John Mueller, author of several books, including The Gunky Cookbook


I’m pleased to have known Adaobi for over two years now as an editor and proofreader. Working with her on my book has been a wonderful experience and a blessing. Adaobi was exceptionally helpful. Her sharp eye caught many errors. She displayed great mastery over the art of editing and proofreading. At a more personal level, I have also come to know her as a person with unique gifts, insights, and talents—very much committed to whatever she sets her mind upon. I believe that her experience as a freelance editor and proofreader will provide any of her clients with valuable and new perspectives. I appreciate her expertise and professionalism, and I recommend her highly to anyone who may be looking for an eagle-eyed and exceptional editor.

— Rev. Charles Anemelu, author, His True and “Unveiled” Face

Adaobi is an amazing editor who I had a pleasure to work with. She's fast, professional, and can keep my voice in the articles and books I write while still correcting all the misspellings and misused phrases I put in :) I will definitely work with her on my future projects!

— Alex Bush, author

Adaobi brings a super hero work ethic and matching skill set to every project she tackles.

While working with Adaobi on three editions of Wiley's Office Bible, I appreciated her excellent editorial and project management skills. These were complicated projects—bringing together content from multiple other books, editing that material for consistency and coverage, and then adding additional new material—and Adaobi stayed right on top of chasing down all the manuscript and figures we needed from other editors to keep the schedule on track. Her excellent editing and attention to detail ensured a quality product each time, and she was highly responsive whenever I had a question or needed an editorial decision about how to proceed.

On top of all that, Adaobi adds another lifesaver when you work with her: a calm-in-any-storm, upbeat approach that makes navigating trouble spots and lengthy projects a much more pleasant experience.

—Lisa Bucki, author

Adaobi and I worked together on two book projects. Adaobi was always available for me when I had a question about what I should or should not include in these books and the technical accuracy of the content I was writing. These were great books; they were technically accurate, and the words and images looked great on the page. I am happy to have worked with Adaobi and am proud of the work we completed together.

—Joli Ballew, author, The Xoom Companion and The Droid Companion

Adaobi was outstanding in guiding my writing, managing the delivery schedule, reviewing and editing each and every word in the book, and assisting me when there were areas of the book that just "didn't make sense." She was my coach, always keeping the process positive and productive. She never let the deadlines and tons of feedback and edits overwhelm a virgin author like me. But most importantly, she helped to ensure that my voice was heard throughout the book. Friends who have read the book tell me that they can hear me in the words. And credit for that authenticism goes to Adaobi.

—Bill Schmarzo, author, Big Data: Understanding How Data Powers Big Business